As a small business owner, you want quality employees, but you may feel as if you can’t compete with larger organizations. Actually, small businesses have many advantages over big companies. When you’re trying to attract new talent to your business, you need to focus on those advantages as part of the interview process. You may have to tap into different networks to find quality talent, but with a little effort, you’ll find good candidates to work with your brand.

Appeal to Candidates

As a small business, you need to showcase the potential of your company. Why would someone want to work for you? Point out these advantages in your job description and interview process:

  • Employees with small businesses often have more responsibilities across the board because in big companies people tend to specialize more. 
  • Small business owners are usually closer to their employees, both figuratively and literally. 
  • In a small business, employees may have more flexibility with scheduling and commuting. 
  • Employees in a smaller organization often have more room for growth. 
  • Consider the non-economic benefits your company offers, mentoring, training, local amenities and tailoring a job to the person. 
  • Remember to think about what the applicant is looking for in a job. An executive may want different benefits, such as equity, then an entry-level person who is looking for a place to grow. Middle managers may want stability and staying power.  

Sell Your Company in the Interview

Many hiring managers forget that the job interview is a two-way process. It’s not simply about hiring the right person, but about making a match with the right person. Every job applicant is interviewing your business to make sure that it’s a good pairing. You have to show job applicants how their skills will contribute to your business.

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