Some people get so excited and focused on launching their new business that they overlook one critical factor. The business won’t survive very long without a steady influx of new customers. Even before your new company opens, it’s important to consider several strategies for attracting people who will purchase its products and services. We outline some of these strategies below.

Make Sure You Have a Strong Presence on the Internet

You don’t have to wait until you have officially launched your business to create and promote a business website. In fact, one of the easiest ways to get new clients is to heavily promote your company before it even opens to generate excitement for the big day. Allowing your earliest customers the chance to participate in pre-sales is a great way to thank them for their interest and loyalty. Another idea is to provide generous referral bonuses to anyone who refers someone else to receive company newsletters and other promotional materials.

Getting your company name included in several Internet directories is a good idea as is claiming your free Google My Business listing. Both give you widespread online exposure for little investment other than you time.

Let Your Family and Friends Know You’re Looking for New Clients

Family and friends can be your biggest cheerleaders and source of support when you decide to launch a new business. Be sure to use that enthusiasm in your favor and request that they tell others about the upcoming business venture. Consider having business cards with an opening date included prepared in advance and give a handful to each family member or friend willing to share the exciting news with others.

Participate in Local Business Groups

Joining a group such as your local Chamber of Commerce can go a long way towards gaining crucial business insights and opportunities to pick up new clients. Just remember that participation counts, and you will get out of the group what you put into it.

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