Equipment Financing: A Viable Working Capital Solution

Equipment financing and equipment leasing from Sudden Rivers Capital Corp is fantastic for nearly any business of any size. If your company has been in business for two years or more, some benefits of these programs that you can realize include the following:

  • Competitive interest rates
  • Little or no down payment
  • Financing up to or more than $500,000
  • 24 hour approvals on some applications
  • Flexible structures for repayment

We also do not require a financial statement if your application is for $150,000 or less.

Financing Options

Here are some options for financing equipment that are offered by Sudden Rivers Capital Corp:

  • Government and municipal programs – These are open to entities such as the armed services, police departments, government agencies, state schools and libraries.
  • Startup programs – If your business happens to be newer than two years old, we have specialized programs that allow you to grow.
  • Sale & Lease Back programs – Businesses with equity in existing equipment can use that equipment to build working capital by selling it to us and leasing it back.
  • B, C and D credit – These programs help you when your credit is not as strong as it could be.

Each program has different requirements and benefits, so get in touch with our dedicated commercial finance professionals to learn more about which ones could work for your unique business and financial situations.

Equipment Leasing

If you decide to finance your business by leasing equipment, these advantages will be available to your business:

  • Free cash for numerous flexible needs
  • Payments that are fixed with no surprises
  • Tax advantages
  • No worries about obsolete equipment
  • Accounting perks
  • Low payments each month
  • Preserved existing credit lines

All of these benefits can help you increase your cash flow, allowing your business to be in a good position to soar.

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