Who doesn’t want a more productive workforce? The answer should be no one. Every smart business owner should want to have a great team filled with productive employees.

What Is Productivity?

Productivity is a measure of how much output or results that you get from the effort and time expended. More productivity means that you’ve gotten relatively more from your employees, your key assets, to better achieve your goals.

Productivity is not just filling time or looking busy. It is about making the best use of time and skills, meeting deadlines, fulfilling expectations and delivering results.

Productive employees motivate others, boost morale, require less oversight and discipline, create a better work environment, increase a company’s revenue and provide better and faster customer service.

Tips that Make Employees More Productive

This may seem to be a “fluffy” suggestion, but the evidence is very compelling that happy employees are more productive than those who are not. That results in less absenteeism, less stress, and more focus. They are better leaders, are more creative, more resilient, and are better team players.

Generate More Happiness By:  

  • Recognizing achievement and progress 
  • Helping all employees feel a great sense of friendliness and belonging. 
  • Taking an interest in each individual. 
  • Introducing elements of fun into the workplace.  
  • Good Communication. Create a culture of open and transparent communication that enhances an environment of trust. Encourage feedback so people know they can contribute to the best outcomes at work. 

Stimulate your employees by:  

  • Encouraging them to take risks. 
  • Providing the best technology to support their work. 
  • Keeping everyone focused on the company mission.  

Avoid These Time and Productivity Wasters

  • Unclear or poorly defined roles and tasks. 
  • Overly long, disorganized or pointless meetings. 
  • Unnecessary rules and procedures. 
  • Toxic work environment.  

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